Canine Patients

Under veterinary referral dogs from all walks of life can benefit from physiotherapy; whether they need it to assist in recovery after an injury or surgery, to help manage lifelong conditions or just to maintain working dogs in 'tip top' condition. 

I nitial assessments include:

  1. Referral from veterinary surgeon

  2. Dynamic Assessment

  3. Static (muscle/joint) assessment

  4. Discussion of findings, management, goals

  5. Treatment tailored to the findings and goals

  6. Remedial exercise prescription and demonstration

  7. Report of findings to owner and referring veterinary surgeon


Follow up appointments include:

  1. Dynamic assessment

  2. Static (muscle/joint) assessment

  3. Treatment tailored to findings and goals

  4. Update remedial exercise prescription and management advice 

Canine Physiotherapy service



Canine Physiotherapy treatments include massage, stretching, passive range of motion, Laser therapy and remedial exercise prescription. 

Physiotherapy can help dogs recover from surgery, manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, manage and support neurological conditions or just support your pets and working dogs to give them a comfortable life.