Equine Patients

Horses have complex and delicate musculoskeletal systems that are tested in the jobs we ask of them, physiotherapy can lighten their load and improve their performance and comfort. 

Equine physiotherapy service

Initial assessments include:

  1. Referral from veterinary surgeon

  2. ​Dynamic assessment

  3. Static (muscle/joint) assessment

  4. Discussion of findings, management and treatment goals

  5. Treatment 

  6. Remedial exercise prescription 

  7. Report of findings sent to owner and referring vet

Follow up appointments include:

  1. Dynamic assessment

  2. Static (muscle/joint) assessment

  3. Treatment

  4. Update to remedial exercise prescription



Treatments include massage, stretching, Laser therapy and remedial exercise prescription.

Vet Physio could benefit your horse if they suffer from these conditions and many more;

  • Back pain

  • Muscle soreness/spasm

  • Tendon or ligament damage

  • Joint inflammation

  • Fractures

  • Arthritic changes


If your horse has not been diagnosed with any of these conditions but has changed their behaviour or movement in any way they may benefit from an assessment from a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist. Ring or email FG Vet Physio to discuss your horse.